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About us

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katyusha - about us


It all started with a dream… to lounge and travel in beautiful and comfortable garments that reflect the vibes of tropical sun, plush vegetation, exotic animals and fancy cocktails. Garments, that will perfectly complement your vacation mood or simply give you more joy. And so Katyusha luxury resort wear collection was born.

All our pieces are made of real silk and are versatile. You can mix and match different items, as well as pair them with appropriate accessories to fit different occasions. Imagine a pajama set that can be worn both for city dwelling and for lounging at home, or even used for an evening event when smartly paired with stilettos and a shiny clutch? Or a kimono that can be thrown over a bathing suit during sunny hours at a poolside, donned over a top and pants to complete your evening look, or tied up and worn as a dress with high heels on? Surely, this will also help you save some luggage space if you take them for your travel!

We chose genuine silk as the main material to offer you luxurious and sustainable pieces that are easier to recycle therefore they are less harmful for nature, and when worn they give nice feel to your body. Most of our prints are carefully custom made in-house and afterwards printed on silk at our Chinese supplier facilities, which we selected based on their high quality standards. Our clothing design and garment manufacturing is done in the Philippines. The styles are thoughtfully tested to provide comfort of movement that is particularly important when you lounge or travel. Our garments are manufactured at a Filipino owned factory that meets premium international standards. Our mission is to offer you high quality, comfort and versatile style. Check out our collection and shop your favourite pieces!